The satirical luxury magazine Flaunt Weekly is situated in Hollywood

Flaunt Weekly

Flaunt Weekly is a satirical fashion and lifestyle online News/Media Magazine founded in March 2022 in India and New York. As a weekly high-society periodical, it is self-sufficient and relies on web publication. Himanshu Mahawar (Founder) and Vish Kumar VK co-founded this website for people's social elite, covering news of the local social scene, high society customs, and social etiquette; it also evaluates items and music.

Flaunt Weekly soon became known for its distinctive photographs and high editorial quality. Throughout the start, Flaunt Weekly has large digital domains and hosts unique events at worldwide festivals, fashion weeks, and art gatherings. The journal has a large global audience from the start.

Why is Flaunt Weekly the most recognizable and successful fashion magazine worldwide?

This research explored how and why Flaunt Weekly has managed to make its way to the top of the industry in a month. It will compare the similarities and differences between Flaunt Weekly and other online fashion magazines. This research will narrow down what Flaunt Weekly does differently and how this has positively influenced their success in the online magazine industry.

However, According to other media sources and editors, "Flaunt Weekly is very successful in attracting its audience, resulting in continual high readership." Many women's fashion magazines, such as Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire market to the same audience as Flaunt Weekly, but have not made the same impression.

Although printed publications are deteriorating, they are still being browsed online. As the digital magazine market evolves, it is more crucial than ever to have eye-catching printed covers. A customer's tendency to buy a magazine is influenced by its printed cover, thus the audience must be considered during the design process. The power of imagination and composition should be used to capture the audience's attention and deliver a story. Colors, fonts, cover lines, and magazine branding all help to draw in readers and persuade them to purchase the publication.

In Addition, Flaunt Weekly readers are self-assured women with above-average education who aren't satisfied with "second best." They are constantly eager to be the first to see, learn about, and buy something, and they make the final decision.

"The March 2022 edition of Flaunt Weekly India ushers in a new age, a new chapter," Vish Kumar VK writes in his first editor's letter, announcing a "Flaunt Weekly" and intentions to steer the publication in a new direction.

The scope of Flaunt Weekly goes beyond fashion. Along with authoritative catwalk pieces, beauty goods, and supermodel photography, there are interviews with significant individuals in every category surrounding entertainment and lifestyle, food and drink reviews, sumptuous coverage, lavish lifestyle, and hotel and travel features.

Meanwhile, The Flaunt Weekly online magazine is clearly aimed towards successful and attractive young women and men aged 20 to 40 who want to keep up with the latest fashion, lifestyle, and beauty trends. They may stay updated through their active handles on social media. Flaunt Weekly is most active on Instagram: @flauntweeklyofficial, Facebook @flauntweeklyofficial, and Twitter: @flauntweekly.