Sathish Kumar Katakuri Is Changing the Future of the US Property Insurance Industry with AI Innovations

Sathish Kumar Katakuri

Although most industries have embraced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and are experiencing transformative results, insurance companies have been slow to magnify their digital capabilities. However, Covid-19 changed that, and a rise in call volumes and a disastrous increase in medical emergencies, deaths, and business disruption claims reinforced the belief that devoting time to developing AI-related technologies can pay off. AI has since helped speed up customer interactions, support distribution, settle claims quicker, and uncover fraud. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as AI has the power to revolutionize how insurance products are experienced. Sathish Kumar Katakuri is an AI innovator working on solving computer vision and AI problems applied to property assessments and workflows.

Sathish graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) with a Master's in Computer Engineering with a specialty in computer vision and machine learning. His journey with AI and visual computing is not new, as he had developed a novel AI-based algorithm that allows anyone to capture visually pleasing photographs just like a professional photographer before entering college. He also invented a low-cost DIY VR headset to help researchers validate their experiments in simulated environments.

As the Senior Computer Vision Engineer at Hosta a.i., Sathish hopes people will get to know how Hosta has revolutionized US property insurance by applying cutting-edge AI and computer vision technologies. "Sathish joined an MIT-founded startup company as an early employee contributing as a Senior Computer Vision Engineer. His background is solving challenging perception and deep learning problems applied to the built environment. He also leads our research and development initiatives in developing sensorless reality capture solutions that enable essential industries with analog infrastructure to evolve dramatically with speed and flexibility," says Hosta a.i.'s CEO, Rachelle Villalon.

The solution established by Hosta a.i. switches traditional property assessment methods by transforming simple pictures of interior rooms into detailed property data that enables a homeowner and assessment professionals to gather essential information to handle a building project seamlessly. "This is a game changer for contractors, insurers, home improvement platforms, and more," Satish shared.

The AI expert has numerous career accomplishments to his name. Apart from his inventions before starting college, Sathish has worked on designing sensor configurations and the placement of sensors to create a hybrid (electric + fuel) autonomous car. He also developed mapping and localization software and invented novel software to extract floor plans and other relevant property information from images captured from any camera device. Satish was selected to judge the 2022 MIT Hackathon, where thousands of students compete worldwide.

Sathish discloses that he faced a significant challenge while developing the computer vision software that extracts floor plan property information from only a few photographs. "I didn't know anything about the kind of camera or sensor that is used in the original photograph. Fortunately, I overcame this by collaborating with my exceptional team and holding meetings and discussions with people from different academic and cultural backgrounds. They helped me derive new ideas to overcome the challenge. I believe big ideas come from small brainstorming meetings," he explained.

When asked what lesson people could learn from him, Sathish answered that everyone should be honest to themselves and consistently put effort into whatever will give successful results. He aspires to continue positioning himself at the forefront of groundbreaking inventions that fundamentally solve meaningful and challenging industry problems in the future.