Satellite Images Show China Readying Hundreds of Nuclear Missile Launch Sites; US Warned Over Taiwan

China is scaling up its work on hundreds of missile silos, which could house nuclear weapons and are capable of reaching the US, to possibly deter the US from interfering in Taiwan in case of any conflict.

The Communist regime has been involved in expanding its nuclear weaponry for months. However, Beijing maintains that its plan is to only have the necessary arsenal for the country's security interests.

China missile launch facility
China missile launch facility in Gansu province's Yumen Twitter

China Aims to Counter US over Possible Conflicts With Taiwan

Currently, China is far behind the US in the nuclear weapons race but according to the Pentagon estimates, Beijing could have 1,000 warheads by 2030.

Chinese officials believed that their current nuclear weapons are outdated and can't be an effective deterrent in possible conflicts with the US. Due to China's inferior nuclear capabilities, the US pressure on Beijing could grow in the near future.

But US officials are now concerned over China's accelerating work on nuclear silos with some endorsing speculation that Beijing could plan a surprise nuclear strike against Washington in case of direct conflict.

However, experts in Beijing have pointed out that China is committed to not using the nuclear weapons first policy.

Analysis of satellite images, which were taken in January, has revealed that sensitive work on Chinese silos has been completed.

China Built Satellite Missile Launch Sites in Yumen

Images from a missile silo field in China's northern Gansu province's Yumen revealed that the last 45 temporary covers which were placed over suspected missiles have now been removed.

While two other silo fields, comparatively smaller in size, were in early stages of development in western China.

The silos at each of those sites are reportedly capable of housing a new long-range missile, known as the DF-41, that is capable of striking the U.S. mainland. It was put into service in 2020, according to the Daily Mail.

China's recent military steps are suggesting that the country is scaling up its ability to respond to nuclear attacks and reports have also suggested that with the holding of Russia, Beijing is building an early warning system to detect incoming missiles.

Beijing is also believed to be developing modern weapons to carry nuclear warheads, including hypersonic missiles. However, the US has the capabilities to defend itself against such weapons. China had also launched a satellite in February 2021 that aimed to create a space-based sensor system for missiles.