Satanic panic rises again? Couple part of demonic cult found dead on Greek island

Satanic pentagram
Satanic pentagram YouTube screen grab

The Satanic Panic of the 1980s and 1990s are not unheard of. Everyone dreaded the satanic ritual abuse. From people being sacrificed to the devil to animal killing, drinking blood, sex abuse grabbed headlines.

In a shocking incident, a tourist couple has been found dead in a guesthouse in Greece on New Year's Eve. Local authorities claim that the couple might have fallen trap to a satanic ritual and committed suicide during the ceremony.

Since June 2017, 23-year-old Lilia Botuseva from Bulgaria was reported missing by her family. The search was called off after authorities spotted her in Erfurt, Germany, reports Blitz, a Bulgarian news channel.

Botuseva was found lying dead alongside a 30-year-old German man in a rented room in Vlachata on the island of Kefalonia. The couple travelled to Germany in a rented car and used different nameplates.

The owner of the property first discovered the bodies and lodged a complaint. According to the owner, the couple was staying together since December 26.

The objects found beside the corpses led police and locals to believe that the couple was engaged in some satanic cult. Knives, candles and a pentagram were found at the scene of the suicide, reports InKelafonia. Coroner Angeliki Tsiola stated in her report that the woman was the first one to have died after cutting herself with a blade, followed by her partner who stabbed himself in the heart while in the bath.

Is this incident not a reminiscent of the antagonist Annabelle Higgins from the horror movie Annabelle? Similar to the incident involving this couple, the fictional character was also involved with a satanic cult along with her partner and ended up killing her parents and herself to feed the demon more power.

Involvement with a satanic cult or participating in demonic rituals are not unheard of or are not uncommon. To be precise, in the last few years, if science has seen a significant development to provide us with a better future, parallelly the dark, hidden secrets and superstitions have seen a rise as well.

A California man skinned and murdered his own mother in a satanic ritual. The 18-year-old boy filleted his mother's body in a hideous fashion. The boy was served a jail sentence of 25 years.

Accused California man
Accused California man YouTube screen grab

The renowned serial killer and satanic cult member Richard Ramirez killed 13 people after invading their homes. He brutally disfigured their bodies and raped them.

17-year-old Jose Reyes and 16-year-old Victor Alias from Texas, on the other hand, killed a 15-year-old girl and apparently sold her soul to the devil. An upside down cross was carved in her stomach and she was both raped and mutilated.

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Pablo Vasquez a 38-year-old from Texas was killed using a lethal injection. He drank the blood of a 12-year-old boy and decapitated him. The murder was apparently a request of Satan. Vasquez killed David Cardenas in 1998 after killing him with a pipe and slitting his throat. When the kid was found, his body parts were missing.

Pablo Vasquez
Pablo Vasquez YouTube screen grab

A woman who was convicted of killing a 17-year-old girl in 1979 while performing a ritualistic sacrifice is still behind the bars.