Sasha Karabut and Fletcher Ladd,making their dream come true with growing a life changing company 'EcomCapital'


Sasha Karabut and Fletcher Ladd from Australia are a well known duo in the e-commerce industry, who believes in their dreams and made them come true. Together they have created the rising e-commerce company 'Ecom Capital'.

Businesses and entrepreneurs who want to look outside the box and start to grow a successful online business are well supported by Ecom Capital. A full-service and global company which supports people in starting, growing and investing in e-commerce businesses within 90 days.

On the investment side they are helping accredited investors to invest in existing eCommerce stores that have been running for a minimum of 2 years or showing a massive growth to add them to their profile.

Talking about the secrets to scaling their business, Sasha says they settled on an idea and kept working towards it and tested it by selling it. He advises others as well, saying if it works, they may get a great response and have to sell more of it. This will lead to growing a customer database and the massive improvement of a proven product model, which would be the next step. Once improved, people can scale massively with the right systems and processes.

Fletcher explains that each business is different; people need to ask themselves what is the input of the business and what will be the outcome? People must work towards creating more resources to create an impact on themselves and their customers for building the best product.

The two started with just having each other, together they have created and built a phenomenal team of over 100 people who work all over the globe for the on growing company Ecom Capital. A team who supports and understands their visions and mission.

Being unique on the market with also having some of the best financial experts in the world; for e.g., from Goldman presidents to Wharton School of finance wizards give them advice and insights into their competition. With the right strategies, visions and positive mindset, Sasha and Fletcher have made their unique niche in the e-commerce industry.

Ecom Capital is on a mission to help as many people as possible to start, grow & invest in long-term growth e-commerce businesses, which are built on fundamental value and are looking forward to the future.

Johnny Whimbry said - "Someones gonna win today, it might as well be me"