SAS Australia's Gary Fahey - On the power of 'BRUTAL HONESTY'

Gary Fahey

Gary Fahey, one of Australia's leading peak performance coaches, with his renowned Strong Men'd mental strength program. Gary Fahey does not sugar coat a thing.

Life is tough! 'Nobody, at least initially, wants to be responsible for their own pain' he claims, but facing the tough questions head-on is the only way to go forward!

Reality TV phenomenon, former AFP figure-head, best-selling author, and highly sought-after public speaker Gary Fahey is a mental strength and conditioning coach, helping highly-driven over-achievers around the world reach peak performance!

Gary is determined to keep challenging himself every day with 'SAS Australia' as his latest invigorating but triumphant victory. Gary is a firm advocate that 'you need it to hurt. Pain is the only way to grow. Pain is the only way to move forward or to move on!'

Fans witnessed the brutal reality of this through the punishing 'SAS Australia' 2021 season. Gary, along with other Australian contestants, was subjected to extreme physical endurance, sleep deprivation, interrogation and psychological testing, with no allowances or exceptions made for their status or gender.

During 'Australia Hell Week' the peak performance coach was forced to tears revealing the heartbreaking reason he decided to take on this gruelling challenge – His son had passed away only 10 days before the commencement of the show.

On Gary's candid Instagram page he confessed SAS Australia was the most challenging experience yet. 'I've been broken many times in my life.' 'Broke, broken down, broken bones, broken hearted and broken promises.' 'But I've never been broken like this.' Despite the implausible pain this quasi-military training show made him endure, he is adamant about facing pain head-on, even in the face of unbelievable devastation.

Gary pledges 'The body is searching for that cuddle, that soothing voice but not this time. Today it's gotta hurt. U have to #ManUp and take control'. The Best-Selling Author of Externally Bulletproof, Internally Brittle: How to turn your struggle into your SUCCESS' says candid conversations are paramount for growth and success.

The mental strength and conditioning expert has had his fair share of pain throughout his life. His unique Brutal Honesty brand was forged through 18 years with the Australian Federal Police, where he led the Australian Prime Minister's Personal Protection Team and managed the Office of Commissioner. Additionally, Gary overcame a deep, dark and destructive battle with mental health; an area he is passionate about helping strong males overcome.

Strong Men'd helps high-profile ambitious men derive a strategy to forge forward. Whether you are feeling a lack of fulfillment or are engaging in risky or addictive behaviours, Gary Fahey will utilise brutal honesty to help you reach your greatest potential.

Strong Men'd also provides consulting to teams and businesses on developing identity, purpose, structure and cultural strategy. Enquire about Gary Fahey's peak performance services today.