Sarawakian murder convict Kho Jabing, was executed in Singapore on Friday after the Court of Appeal dismissed an eleventh-hour application to block his hanging.

Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign activist Rachel Zeng said Jabing was executed at 3.30pm at the Changi Prison. He was allowed to meet his family members for the last time before he was hanged.

The timing of this execution was considered highly irregular as all the executions usually take place at dawn on Friday.

His execution order came after a five-panel Court of Appeal dismissed the final effort to save him from death row.

"You know very well the execution was to have taken place last year," judge Chao Hick Tin said, Singapore's Channel News Asia reported.

The judge also added that if they allow Kho's application, then the legal system "will fall into disrepute".

31-year-old Jabing was originally scheduled to be hanged in the morning but received a temporary stay of execution late Thursday night. He was convicted of killing a construction worker brutally in 2008.

Kho's family was informed on May 12 that his execution was scheduled for May 20.