Sarah Nicole Becomes an Example for the Young People with Her Campaign to Raise Awareness about Bullying

Sarah Nicole

Bullying in schools is something that children and adolescents suffer. There are countless cases of aggression and persecution that are detected in schools and colleges. This type of situation leads the victims to live terrifying situations that mark them physically and above all psychologically.

When we talk about bullying, we are referring to all forms of aggressive attitudes, intentional and repeated, that occur without any reason from some young people or children on others. Many are harassed because of their physical features or simply because they are not part of a certain group.

Today we have the story of Sarah Nicole, a young woman who has suffered from bullying. Also, Sarah has struggled with suicide attempts during the last two years of her life. But thanks to her mother's support and her ability to express her experiences, today she is an example to follow.

Nicole wants to bring a message to all the young people who have gone through what she has. It's a hard time, and no one understands it better than she does, so she knows that it's necessary to put the issue on the table and that no one should remain silent. You can't be quiet if you are abused, don't lock yourself in your depression, because there are people who love you and will do everything in their power to get you out of it.

Nicole and her mother have started a beautiful crusade wanting to make people aware of the issue. They sell T-shirts with their daughter's face on Amazon, the intention is simple, to bring a little hope to all those who are suffering from this scourge in the schools.

The Role of Parents in Cases Like These

Parents have a very important role in their children's lives, and in these cases, they are even more crucial. We know that young people don't tell what happens to them at school for fear of recrimination or further reprisals.

That's why it's the job of parents is to inspire confidence in their children to count on them. You must be seen as the people closest to them and who will be able to bring them out of that hard reality they are going through. In more difficult cases it is important to know how to detect when a child is suffering from school bullying.

Nicole's mother has been a key part of her recovery. She is the one who has been supportive and has led her daughter to feel a little better about herself. It must be clear that what causes bullying is enormous psychological damage that leads to depression and if it is not detected in time, suicide.

This is what Sarah and her mother are currently fighting against. For this, their message must reach more and more people. They must stop being silent and make themselves heard because they are not alone. This is what Nicole wants to convey to other young people who are going through what she has suffered.

What To Do if Your Child is Being Bullied

Nicole's mother doesn't say that you shouldn't expect young people to comment on their problems. The role of parents is to know how their children are feeling and to identify changes in their behavior, which may indicate that they are suffering from bullying at school.

Alerts should be triggered if your child starts to lock himself in the room, loses his appetite, is sad all the time, and refuses to go to school or meet friends. In these cases, you should take action and do the following

- You must maintain your composure and provide psychological support for your child.

- You have to know how to listen to everything he has to say and never doubt what he is telling you, you could lose his confidence and he would walk away from you.

- Do not blame yourself for what is happening to your child, remember that you must be the person on whom he must rely to overcome this difficult time.

- Encourage your child to tell competent people about what is happening to him or her, only by talking can a real solution be reached.

Nicole and her mother will continue their campaign to raise awareness about bullying and suicide in young people. Stopping this problem is everyone's task.