Sarah Jane Comrie: Receipts Show NYC Hospital Karen Paid for Citibike She Was Accused of Taking as Friends Start GoFundMe to Raise Legal Bills

The documents, according to Marino, show that the six-month-pregnant physicians' assistant had booked the Citibike after finishing her shift at Bellevue Hospital

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The pregnant New York City hospital worker accused of hijacking a Citibike from a Black man outside a hospital has been identified by her friends as Sarah Comrie, who is now raising money to pay legal bills tied to the ordeal. Comrie's friends have launched a GoFundMe page to help her raise money for her legal bills.

This comes as Comrie's lawyer claimed on Thursday that his client, who appeared in a controversial video that appears to show her clutching a Citibike from a Black man, was actually booked by her as he shared the payment receipt with multiple news outlets.

Fighting for Her Right

Sarah Jane Comrie
Sarah Jane Comrie in stills from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. Twitter

Attorney Justin Marino confirmed on Thursday that the woman was Comrie, a worker at Bellevue Hospital, who was seen in the controversial video that was posted online on Saturday and has since been viewed by tens of millions of social media users.

Comrie is seen in the video getting into a heated exchange with a group of men who are shown in the footage claiming to have paid for the bike she was riding at the docking station.

Marino, on Wednesday, provided receipts that he claims prove that his client had paid for the two-wheeler. He also said in a statement that Comrie got on the available bike "which no individuals were on or touching."

According to a report, the number on the receipt matches the number on the handlebars of the bike.

The lawyer claimed that the group of five young men approached Comrie and claimed ownership of the bike and things soon turned chaotic.

Sarah Comrie
Sarah Comrie Twitter

The documents, according to Marino, show that the six-month-pregnant physicians' assistant had booked the Citibike after finishing her shift at Bellevue Hospital

According to the records, the ride was ultimately canceled and she wasn't charged before booking another bike minutes after the incident.

"The receipts show unequivocally that she got the bike first," Marino told the

"But there is no animosity towards the men in the video. We frankly wish them the best in the future.

"The focus is clearing her name and going after the publications and high profile names that defamed her."

Different Story

Sarah Comrie
Sarah Comrie Twitter

Comrie, who was wearing blue scrubs imprinted with "NYC Health + Hospitals," could be seen screaming for help and crying as a throng gathered around them when the footage first surfaced.

A friend of the man is heard in the video supporting him, claiming that the woman, who was dubbed "Karen" after the footage, was actually attempting to steal from him.

Marino has vigorously disputed these accusations on behalf of his client, in a statement, referencing the receipts.

The first receipt reveals that the bike in the video, which can be recognized by the number on the handle, was purchased, taken out, and then locked again a minute later.

Sarah Comrie
Sarah Comrie Twitter

He claims that a second receipt shows that Comrie rode home on a different bike that was taken from the same docking station. Marino said that his client was 'heckled and pressured' into purchasing a second Citi Bike.

Comrie, who is pregnant, reportedly just concluded a 12-hour shift before boarding an open bike that "no one was on or touching" and paying via the app.

Comrie, a medical assistant who is six months pregnant, was this week given maternity leave by NYC Health + Hospitals. Social media users branded the woman a "Karen" after the May 12 incident that was caught on camera gained traction.

Marino said that a GoFundMe page has been started for Comrie, and appealed to the public people to contribute to her legal expenses "to save her livelihood and her reputation."

The campaign, which was started by Comrie's uncle, claims that the event "unfairly painted [Comrie] as a racist 'Karen.'"

"The facts have since proven this is a lie, but the damage has been done," the fundraiser states. "In fact, Sarah is a dedicated healthcare worker who is six months pregnant. She holds racial justice and equity dear, and has dedicated her life to serving NYC's most challenged individuals."

"She does not wish to become a cause celebre, but the legal bills to save her livelihood and her reputation obviously are mounting," the fundraiser also stated.

The fundraiser had raised about $8,543 in cash by 10 p.m. on Thursday. The target amount for the fundraiser is $35,000.

NYC Health + Hospitals made a statement on the incident two times this week, calling the video "disturbing" when the hospital system declared the she was on leave.

According to the system, she would continue to be on leave up until the conclusion of the incident review.

This article was first published on May 19, 2023