Santa Tracker 2019: Where is my gift? Here is how you can track where Santa Claus is right now?[Live Streaming info]

It's Christmas eve and like every year, everyone wants to know where our beloved Santa Claus is? Christmas is time for family, friends and loved ones --- and the wait for dear Santa, Rudolph and the reindeers.

But gone are the days, when one had to wait without knowing the whereabouts of Santa. Now you can, in fact, track Santa as he trots the globe with Dasher, Dancer, and Rudolph.

santa tracker

Track Santa on Google's Santa Tracker

Since 2004, Google has been tracking Santa's Christmas Eve journey. The Google Santa tracker website offers Christmas-themed games and activities.

Google also has set up a detailed guide on how even Google Assistant can be used in a fun way to know about the North Pole or about the Christmas Father.

You can also use Google Earth and test your knowledge of holiday traditions across the globe.

Where is Santa right now?

Google Santa tracker is expected to fire up by 2 am PT (5 am ET) on Christmas Eve.

"On December 24th Santa's Village transforms into a tracking experience where you can follow Santa and his reindeer as they deliver presents to kids around the world," Google's Santa Tracker website says.

Apparently, Santa's long journey lasts a full 25 hours, making his first stop in eastern Russia.

You can use the Santa Tracker online, or download the app from Google Play.


NORAD Santa Tracker

You can track his entire flight on NORAD's Santa Tracker website at or on Twitter at @NoradSanta.

According to NORAD, he is expected to take off at 1 am PT Christmas Eve morning.

To reach the Santa trackers, call 1-877-Hi NORAD (1-877-446-6723) or e-mail

Track Santa on Youtube [Live Streaming info]

You can also trace the entire journey of Christmas father on Youtube as well. There are several live streaming pages that will be broadcasting Santa's North Pole journey. You can either track Santa through NORAD tracker on Youtube or watch it live through Google Santa tracker.