Santa Claus reality check: Over 1 million kids learn something else from Google

Google is ranking one article on Santa Clause in Quartz as the no 1 which provides parents with advice on how to answer the question

Santa Claus
Representational image Pixabay

As per a recent report, almost 1.1 million children learn online that Saint Nick is a fictitious character, as the first article in the search says 'as adults we know Santa Claus is not real.' While searching for the term 'Is Santa real,' the first article that is displayed comes from Quartz, which provides parents with advice on how to answer the question.

'As adults we know Santa Claus isn't real,' an introductory sentence of the article reads. Stephen Kenwright, Technical Search Engine Optimization Director at Rise at Seven, states that 'Google is ranking this article on Quartz as the no.1 result based on the authority of the domain and reliability of the content, reported Daily Mail.

'Google's algorithms choose the answer which best answers the question searched, taking safety into consideration all whilst being factually accurate.'

As per the report, the results found that voice search technology responses are more creative when it comes to their responses to the query.

Alexa will reply with: 'All I know is that someone has been eating mince pies and Father Christmas looks like the type.'

"That's something I am not allowed to disclose. I mean...disclose," Siri replied.

Additionally, search data reveals that there are on average 186,900 searches for 'How old is Santa' and 182,300 for 'Where is the North Pole' every year.