Samuel Hagai: Some Best Arts on the World Can Found on the Streets

Samuel Hagai

Samuel Hagai is a great muralist and graffiti artist who blossomed in street art across many nations, including Los Angeles, London, Paris, and San Francisco. He filled nature's beauty, exhilarating adventures, and imaginary stories on the walls and impressed people with mind-blowing concepts. This young man is one of the incredible creation of the god, who paint heaven's messages on the bare walls of the streets and inspire the whole world with good vibes.

His lengthy resume of public art projects can be seen in most famous cities' open walls, exhibitions, galleries, museums, and other private institutions. As one great art, millions of people explore the masterpiece work of Samuel Hagai on the American department store chain" Macy's" It is one of the fabulous mural artworks he did in 2017. Also, Samuel worked with diverse communities and collaborated on a mural art project for military bases in Israel and United States in 2019. Also, his successful journey continued further, and he held a grand independent mural art exhibition in the West Village of New York in the same year, 2019. These artworks are the best turning point of Samuel's life and support establishing his footprint on an international level.

Samuel is one of the great souls who have seamless imaginary skills. His imagined designs and concepts have the ability to inspire and change the entire lives of others. Also, some people get confused after seeing Samuel's art and think about how he blends natural essence as wall art.

If we dive into the root, this great soul was born in 1982 and raised as a normal kid until 12. However, Samuel started to do different things early in his life. When Samuel was 12 years old, he expressed his hidden talents on the canvas with oil paints. As an interventionist artist, little Samuel Hagai grew day by day and represented his skills with imaginary arts. Every day he blends colors and thoughts and liberates unbelievable mural art.

Samuel Hagai does not become a grand-scale muralist or graffiti purist within a night. Samuel also sacrifices his comfort to build his name as a brand. He spends each dollar on materials and shares his first art with family, friends, and neighbors. But, Samuel did not earn a single dollar from his first paintings. However, he received one thing that cannot be measurable by money. It is experience. No one can buy practice for the money. Also, every expert begins as an ordinary man and is committed to their interest until they achieve it.

According to Samuel, " Being an exclusive mural artist is a challenge. It needs dedication, years of experience, and lots of patience. It would be best if you always believed in your skills, capacity, and spiritual strength. You are the great piece of god, and you must believe in yourself. You are the only brand with this unique talent. Hence, polish yourself, find your hidden capacities, and work until you win."