Samsung's next game-changing technologies unveiled

New patents reveal Samsung is working on scrollable TV, smart wallet, two foldable smartphones and steering wheel with a display.

samsung most influential companies in asia
The logo of Samsung Electronics is seen at its office building in Seoul, South Korea, 25 August 2017 (Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters)

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd holds the record in the most number of patents filed, a data from the US Patent and Trademark Office in August revealed. Year after year, the South Korean tech giant pioneers the most advanced technologies and innovations, especially in smartphones.

In a new batch of patents granted to Samsung, the company has been revealed working on some cutting-edge devices that will soon be made available. Although patents do not automatically mean they will be translated to consumer technologies, Samsung deserves a pat on the back for bringing its A-game when it comes to hunting for novelties.

Here are four of Samsung's future technologies that are expected to be a game-changer:

Steering wheel with display

This steering wheel with displays on it was filed in September 2016. As indicated, the areas in colour yellow are supposed screens.

samsung patents steering wheel with display
Steering wheel with display (Patently Mobile)

Smart wallet

For the first time, Samsung plans to venture on wallets. As an electronics firm, the best bet for this patent is that it will be a smart wallet of some sorts.

samsung patents smart wallet
Smart wallet (Patently Mobile)

Foldable smartphone

After months of speculation, Samsung has just been confirmed working on foldable smartphones. Two variants are in the pipeline as far as the patents go. One has a vertical flip, the other has a horizontal flip.

samsung patents foldable smartphone
Foldable smartphones (Patently Mobile)

Scrollable computer/TV

This scrollable machine with a screen was filed in November 2016. It remains a mystery whether it is a computer monitor or a television.

samsung patents scrollable tv or computer
Scrollable TV or computer monitor (Patently Mobile)

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