Samsung working on more foldable devices

Samsung logo as seen during Galaxy Note 8 consumer launch event in Jakarta, Indonesia September 29, 2017 (Beawiharta/Reuters)

After reports of a second-gen Galaxy Fold device started pouring in, more reports of other Galaxy Fold devices have appeared, showing that Samsung is bent on becoming the first mainstream tech company to lead the foldable smartphone category.

Yesterday, the International Business Times reported that Samsung is believed to be working on a new Galaxy Fold device despite the fact that Samsung hasn't released its first Galaxy Fold yet.

Yesterday's report described two different designs as reported by two Korean news sites. One design described an 8-inch Galaxy Fold that has an S Pen. This one is bigger than the first Galaxy Fold which measured 7.29 inches when unfolded. It is believed to have the same in-folding design as that of the first model.

The other design described a 6.7-inch Galaxy Fold that folds along its horizontal axis in the middle like a clamshell phone, reminiscent of the beloved Motorola Razr. This Galaxy Fold model becomes a super portable dumbphone when folded, and notifies users of any update using a 1-inch display.

New designs?

Aside from the two aforementioned designs, Samsung is rumored to work on other designs that would make any consumer wonder what the Korean tech company is doing with its spare time.

First, according to a report from Korean news site The Investor (via Korea Herald), sources familiar with the matter said Samsung is working on an outward-folding Galaxy Fold device. Vincent Pang, President for Samsung Western Europe, said this device is expected to be released September this year.

Samsung reportedly produced a prototype of an outward-folding Galaxy Fold device earlier, but decided to work on an inward-folding design instead. Now, is Samsung succeeds in releasing the outward-folding model soon, it will take over Huawei's position as the first mainstream company to release a foldable smartphone that folds outwardly.

Second, according to a patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), Samsung is planning on working on a "rollable" phone that extends when both ends are pulled apart. The patent, spotted by Let's Go Digital, described a smartphone that has a display that extends by 60% when pulled. The patent, however, doesn't give precise measurements.

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