Samsung taking major steps to better VR efforts

Samsung has partnered with US Major League Baseball to provide fans with game highlights and more on a 360-degree screen


In a bid to boost their virtual reality efforts, Samsung Electronics Co has hired new experts and also joined hands with new partners, cited a media report.

Quoting industry sources, Yonhap news agency said that Samsung Research America has recently hired, not one or two but five new experts of VR technology; as a part of their business strategy.

Adding to that, earlier this week, the company also partnered US Major League Baseball (MLB) in order to provide VR contents to fans, including the highlights of the game. This partnership will enable MLB fans across the globe to enjoy baseball games on a 360-degree screen through their Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung has been making major changes and taking bigger steps to better their VR services. The company has also kicked off Global Virtual Reality Association, along with other major tech giants, such as Google Inc and Facebook-owned Oculus VR.

"The company's Singapore arm created traffic-safety content, and the Australian branch is currently carrying out a project to reduce the psychological stress of cancer patients. We are seeking to utilise the VR technology, not only in the entertainment area but also for social contributions and education," a Samsung official said.

This article was first published on June 25, 2017
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