Samsung releases official price for new Gear 360 camera

The new Gear 360 is compatible with more smartphones and even with iPhones

Samsung had recently launched the 360-degree camera, and now, they have released the official price at which it is going to be available in stores and online portals. The price declared is $229, which is $120 lesser than last year's Gear-360, which was priced at $349.

Gear 360

Pre-order were made available at a little over $283 but the latest price of $229 is a lot lesser than the competitive products in the market like Ricoh Theta S, which is priced at $327 and Nikon KeyMission 360, which is priced at $400.

The latest version of Gear 360 although made available at a low price, does not really come with significant development from the earlier versions. While the earlier version had a "near-4K" video specification, the new version has "true 4K" but while live-streaming it goes back to 2K. For still photos, it operates on the15-megapixell resolution.

gear 360
Samsung Newsroom

Samsung has been trying to attract consumers with various changes in the product, even they are pricing the products to make it more affordable for all. One such trope used is the handy design of the new version of 360, which is hailed by the company to be "pocketable design" rather than the spherical shape which the previous version had. Moreover, this version of the camera is compatible with more smartphones even iPhones which will help the consumers connect it to various devices.

Samsung is also using combo deals, which have been successful before and this time when anyone buys a Galaxy S8 and S8+ between 25 May and 19 June 2017, they could get the opportunity to buy one of these cameras for just $49.

Samsung has been trying to push forward the technology of these cameras with various offers, even changing the shape to make it handier. While in the mobile sales market Samsung leads with the largest amount of sales, it still needs to go a long way to make a significant impact in the 360 camera market, which it aims to do with this version.

Gear 360
Samsung Newsroom

While the new version would be available in stores, it will also be made available online in portals like Best Buy, Amazon, AT&T, T-Mobile and others and also on ShopSamsung App.