Samsung preparing to tackle iPhone SE with rumoured Galaxy S7 mini

Apple iPhone SE could bring revival to the compact smartphones segment

Apple's iPhone SE isn't even official, but looks like even the hint of its arrival was enough to put Samsung in full alert mode. That's what rumour mill has to say. Samsung could be working on Galaxy S7 mini just to tackle Apple's compact smartphone.

The compact smartphone segment, those with 4 to the 4.7-inch segment, is forgotten by almost all OEMs. Many people don't even like the 5-inch display, which is a norm nowadays, they have to buy them because there is no alternative.

It is only Sony that has been doing compact/mini smartphones with its Compact series of smartphones. Both its Xperia Z1 Compact and Z3 Compact put up stellar performances in my reviews. But all other OEMs have been bringing out under-powered replicas of their flagships, particularly.Samsung.

It is surprising that these makers waited for Apple to show them how much demand is there for compact smartphones.

Now getting back to Samsung's rumored Galaxy S7 mini, it could be coming with the same Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 processor featured in the full-sized Galaxy S7. It will also feature a 4.6-inch display (hopefully AMOLED) with 720p HD resolution. That's way too less than the 2K HD (QHD) resolution on the bigger model. We could see 3GB RAM on Galaxy S7 mini. The camera will be the same 12MP module.

So far, the Galaxy S7 mini sounds interesting to me. I just wish more and more OEMs follow the suit. Nonetheless, Apple deserves the full credit for reviving the interest in compact smartphones. Will you buy "mini" smartphones with a little bit of trade-off?

Source: Apple Daily | Via: PhanDroid

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