Samsung to limit Note 7 battery capacity via OTA update and avert battery-explosions

Samsung plans to permanently limit Note 7 battery capacity to 60% with the forthcoming OTA update.

Galaxy Note 7 has already drawn enough flak for its overheating and battery-explosion problems while charging the handset to 100%. Consequently, Samsung has voluntarily decided to limit the device's charging potential to 60% via an upcoming OTA update.

The South Korean handset maker is reportedly planning to keep the Note 7's battery charge to a safe level and thereby prevent further instances of short-circuit, fires and explosions with the flagship phone.

Samsung has recently put up an advertisement regarding its plans to fix the Note 7 battery problems in a major South Korean newspaper - 'Seoul Shinmun'.

According to the Associated Press, the company is preparing the battery-fix update for the Note 7 in collaboration with the Korean carriers, wherein the update is due for release on 20 September. The update is also expected to remind Note 7 users to return their phones in exchange for replacement units from Samsung.

The replacement units or newer devices which are expected to ship from 19 September will not impose the battery-charge limitation like the affected handsets. However, the affected units will henceforth run on reduced battery capacity of 2,100 mAh to prevent overheating and unexpected battery-explosions.

The recent ban imposed on the use of Note 7 by several commercial and domestic airlines, has prompted Samsung to take necessary steps for consumer safety with the strategy of recalling all Note 7s that use faulty batteries.

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