Samsung Galaxy S9 specs, price, release date: What we know so far

Based on recent leaks and reports though, Samsung seems to be on its best foot forward to deliver a top-of-the-line Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has already begun making rounds in community. Its predecessors took the smartphone community by storm and the pressure is on for Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

Based on recent leaks and reports though, Samsung seems to be on its best foot forward to deliver a top-of-the-line device. The newest specifications rumours include the repositioning of the fingerprint sensor. Here's what we know of Galaxy S9 specifications, price and release date so far:

Fingerprint sensor

The most recent Galaxy S9 change to hit the rumour mill affects the fingerprint sensor. The said change is reportedly a major one as Samsung will reposition it somewhere in front. There have already been speculations that the company is working out an in-display scanner, a feature that Apple tried so hard to pull off this year for the iPhone X to no avail. However, there are no concrete evidence pointing to this future groundbreaking innovation.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Two firmware versions were previously leaked in September confirming a pair of next-generation phones: Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 Plus. This news may not be surprising to most Samsung fanatics as seen in past launches that the main S variant comes with a plus version.

1,000 frames per second (fps)

A killer feature that Sony Electronics Inc has already done with Xperia XZ1, Samsung is trying its hand on a dual-camera technology that is capable to shoot videos at 1,000 fps. According to a report from China, mass production of the camera sensor will begin in November.

Snapdragon 845 processor

The earliest Galaxy S9 rumour to surface, Samsung and chip manufacturer Qualcomm have reportedly signed a deal for the production of Snapdragon 845 processor. At the moment, most high-end smartphones are using Snapdragon 835.

Modular smartphone

The smartphone community has been looking forward to see a totally different handset device apart from new features that are released year after year. Back in August, Samsung was speculated to bring a full-fledged modular phone. In theory, this will make smartphone components work independently; in practice, this could not be practical for Samsung giving the timeline through the release.

Release date

Talking about the release, Samsung might go ahead of the usual March launch of Galaxy S line devices as early as January. OLED panels and other components have been reported to start in November to meet set schedule in January.


Samsung Galaxy S9 price shall start at around US$900 and Galaxy S9 Plus at around US$1,000. Launch price of retail Galaxy S8 is US$724.99. The price surge could be because of the in-display fingerprint sensor that is too expensive to make.

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