Galaxy S8

If durability is of utmost consideration, the Samsung Galaxy S8 may not be an ideal phone to own as a drop test reveals that such device falls short of robustness. This latest test is an affirmation as the South Korean tech firm's new flagship device already failed to impress the jurors in a couple of drop tests, previously conducted by different organizations.

Samsung Galaxy S8 drop test

A German product tester's website,, has recently revealed the result of its own drop test of the new the Samsung Galaxy S8. In the said test, the device was placed inside a barrel-like instrument wherein the object will be subjected to an 80cm free-fall for several times. The durability test ends when the device starts to show cracks.

For the Galaxy S8 test, the smartphone failed to survive the drop test after the 50th fall as the corner glass displays began to show signs of breakage. It is important to note that this frequency is only half the times other premium devices, like the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7, survived this similar drop test.

More vulnerable design

The latest flagship smartphones of Samsung both wear the Infinity Display which makes the device more vulnerable to breakage when dropped or hit by a solid object. The display is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 5, a premium material used only by high-end phones. Gorilla screens are known best for its resilience to scratches.

Despite the depressing result, the Galaxy S8, used in the test, still performed perfectly, which means that the drop largely affects only the physical splendor of the device. If this is the case, the Galaxy S8 and its variants will highly need the helping hand of cases and protectors.

The Galaxy S8 and its variants have been deemed to be the most premium smartphone Samsung has ever produced. At US$899, the device is not durable as expected for such lavish price point.