Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus: The keyboard cover is undeniably unnecessary

Samsung's keyboard cover is made of a polycarbonate shell and is available for separate purchase.

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Year after year, competing smartphone manufacturers are releasing handheld devices with groundbreaking features to brandish in hopes to outsmart their rivals. The physical keyboard cover that Samsung chose to bank on for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus this year may have never been the most adorable and to-die-for in the history of the brand, but it does bring a twinge of nostalgia back to the good old days.

How Samsung's keyboard cover performs

BlackBerry has done an absolutely incredible three-peat success with Passport, Priv, and now KeyOne, giving the physical keyboard a new perspective. Whether Samsung would acknowledge it or not, it is taking its cue from physical keyboard master BlackBerry. However, the real question here is: How does Samsung's physical keyboard cover actually perform with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus?

Samsung's keyboard cover is made of a polycarbonate shell and is available for separate purchase. The accessory in itself is very lightweight. It can be snapped away whenever the user does not feel like using it. With regards to the keyboard's tightness, there is nothing to worry because it is securely fit according to the build of the variants.

It is too important not to mention that the keyboard cover does not strip off the lustrous design of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, thanks to the polycarbonate material that Samsung used. What if users want to get away with the keyboard cover? Do not fret because the accessory can actually be tucked in at the back of the phone without having the qualms to lose it.

A few snags

On the other hand, the keyboard cover does have quite a few snags. First, some apps do not function with the keyboard cover on, including Samsung Pay.Second, the keys are not backlit which apparently makes it a bit difficult to use in dim situations. Third, the keyboard in itself is so limited.

Although limited, the physical keyboard fairly has a few shortcuts and hotkeys that can do as much as what the on-screen version can. Press holding on the letters reveals accented characters, while press holding the home button opens the Google Assistant.

Just an alternative

Overall, the keyboard cover for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus is just an alternative for the on-screen one which users can tuck in whenever one feels like. It cannot do what the BlackBerry touchscreen phones with built-in keyboards can.

This accessory is undeniably unnecessary, but the good thing here is that people have the option whether to buy or not. Even without it, the new Galaxy phones can still operate and function on its own. To say the least, Samsung's keyboard cover is made primarily to just suffice nostalgia.

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