Samsung Galaxy Note 8 faces serious battery problems

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Samsung's flagship product Galaxy Note 8 is facing a crucial problem, as many users, especially in the United States, are finding difficulties in charging their devices when the battery gets fully drained.

Even though the issue does not appear to be terribly widespread, many customers have shared their complaints regarding the new phablet in forums like Reddit. As of now, Samsung has not reacted to the complaints raised by the customers.

Problems related to battery continue

One user named 'userYZ33Hezuja' posted his worries with his newly bought 'Samsung Galaxy Note 8' on the message board of the company.

"Just bought a brand new Galaxy Note 8 from my Verizon retailer 2 months ago. Last night I let the battery die completely, and figured I'd just charge it later. (Not like this is the first time it has ever died completely.) So I plugged it in and it showed a circle with a lightning bolt, but the red charging LED did not light up. I figured since it was dead completely, it would just take a few minutes to power up," posted the user.

The post also added the continuous efforts to reset the Samsung phone failed even though the user followed the instructions from Samsung's tech representative. The person who raised the complaint added that his device was never fallen, and was not exposed to water too. The user also revealed that he got a refurbished one as a replacement when the complaint was taken to Verizon.

"Second of all, why am I being sent a REFURBISHED device? I just bought this brand new, and now due to a Samsung defect, I am stuck with a refurb. I can't believe it," concluded the complaint.

This is not the first time that Samsung devices are facing problems related to the battery. Last year, customers who bought Samsung Note 7 faced difficulties with the device when batteries started catching fire and sometimes exploding. Samsung recalled 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones following 35 reported incidents of overheating worldwide.

As the complaints regarding Note 8 battery have gone viral and Samsung is expected to address the issue soon. Samsung is aware of the situation as one of their admins on Samsung US Forums wrote: "This particular problem with the Note 8 not turning on is definitely something that we want to get addressed immediately."