Samsung Galaxy Fold passes tests with flying colors; what about Huawei?

Samsung Galaxy Fold set to hit stores in late April 2019.Samsung Mobile Press
Samsung Galaxy Fold set to hit stores in late April 2019. Samsung Mobile Press

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is reportedly currently doing well in its device tests, according to insiders. The company's progress with the foldable device have already fixed its problems that caused its release delay. However, how is it its rival Huawei is doing?

As of now, insider sources confirm that the tests on the Samsung Galaxy Fold have been passed with flying colors according to AndroidCommunity. The device is already good enough to be shown to the public once more. Previously, the device had a glaring issue that forced not only Samsung but also its rival Huawei to scale back on the release of their device.

Previously, Samsung Display vice president Kim Seong-cheol confirmed that the Galaxy Fold's problems have been fixed and it's ready to hit the market. While the backend of the Fold's development is looking great, Samsung doesn't look like its going to release the device this July and has yet to officially announce its new release date. Fortunately, Samsung will have an Unpacked event on August which could hold details on the company's new products.

On the other end, Huawei's development with the Mate X is also doing well. The device has been spotted in TENAA listings and is also doing well according to GSMArena. The Mate X is said to have a 4,400 mAh battery rating where 4,500 mAh is the standard for many devices. The Mate X is also confirmed to have three variants depending on its storage size such as 6GB + 128 GB, 8GB + 256 GB, and 12 GB + 512 GB.

As for the release of the Mate X, Huawei has also yet to officially announce its release date. However, some Russian press materials state that the Mate X would have a September release date.

Both Samsung and Huawei are the leading companies when it comes to developing the foldable display. These companies are expected to deliver the first best iteration of foldable devices. However, fans will have to wait near the end of 2019 to know the true release.

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