Samsung files patent for smartphone with two displays wrapped around body

Lets Go Digital

Samsung, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer is reportedly aiming to revolutionize the world of technology as the company has filed a patent of a new device with two displays wrapped around the body with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

As per a report published on 'Lets Go Digital', three different concepts are discussed in the patent, and all these three have a display on the rear side of the device.

The first smartphone model comes with displays on the front and the rear side. The metal frame can be seen only on the top and bottom of the gadget. The new device is equipped with sensors throughout its body, and it allows the smartphone to measure how it is being held in the user's hand. When the device gets turned over, the second screen on the rear side will be automatically switched on.

Even though the screen is wrapped throughout the body, the touchscreen in the rear will be limited to the upper part of the device and the grip area will be excluded.

The touchscreen on the rear side allows the user to perform multifarious functions including accepting or rejecting phone calls and access notifications. According to reports, the user can also view the gallery and access email and other applications using the second screen. Messages can be also opened directly from the rear display screen.

The second smartphone model is also very similar to the first one, and in this proposed model, only the left side has a narrow bezel. The third model also features two screens, and in this device, the display extends to the rear of the device via the bottom instead of the side.

As smartphone manufacturers are busy gearing up with bezel-less phones, Samsung has moved a step ahead and is working on this new device with two screens.

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