Samsung didn't sell a million Galaxy Folds last year; here's how many it actually sold

Last month, Samsung dismissed a claim from one of it's top executives that it had sold more than 1 million Galaxy Fold smartphones, but the new figures are more convincing

Samsung's Galaxy Fold has to be the most innovative smartphone of 2019. The first foldable display smartphone in the world was among the most rumored and highly anticipated smartphones since as far back as 2018. But Samsung took it's own sweet time to make sure everything was perfect with their most ambitious phone till date and launched it in March 2019.

But to the disappointment of many the first few review units that were given out to reviewers were simply breaking apart. However, Samsung literally nailed it the second time when it launched the Galaxy Fold with an improved hinge mechanism and better display.

World's first foldable smartphone

The Galaxy Fold's main USP was that it was the world's first foldable smartphone from a major smartphone brand that could be folded and unfolded to be a palm-able smartphone and a 7-inch tablet as well. It offered the best of both worlds, and looked super futuristic and elegant as well. Every tech enthusiast wanted to own one, but the $2,000 price tag was a bit of a let down for many.

Samsung Galaxy Fold set to hit stores in late April 2019.Samsung Mobile Press
Samsung Galaxy Fold set to hit stores in late April 2019. Samsung Mobile Press

However, some people didn't mind shelling out $2,000 for owning the most unique and innovative smartphone there is. And recently, it was reported, rather incorrectly, that Samsung had managed to sell a Million Galaxy Folds worldwide. Samsung, however was quick to dismiss this claim and said that it was a mistaken estimate. But the question remained unanswered. How many Galaxy Fold smartphones did Samsung actually sell in the past year?

Half-a-million Galaxy Folds sold last year

Well, now we seem to have a more realistic and accurate information. And these numbers are not from any analysts or sources, but the data came out from the horse's mouth. Samsung CEO DJ Koh has finally revealed the actual Galaxy Fold sales figures at the on-going CES 2020. The Korean giant sold between 400,000 to 500,000 Galaxy Fold units last year.

In December of last year, Samsung Electronics President Young Sign had incorrectly revealed that the Galaxy Fold sold over a million units worldwide. But this claim was quickly refuted by Samsung.

Samsung's earlier incorrect sales figure

The latest information, putting the figures closer to half a million seems more believable and it's still a very good number for a phone that costs just as much as two iPhone 11 Pros. However, we are not sure how Samsung managed to do this and Samsung hasn't revealed any region-wise sales data, buy we're guessing that the phone sold pretty well in markets like Samsung's home country South Korea and of course, the USA, where Samsung extensively promoted the Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold 2

Meanwhile, Samsung is expected to announce the successor to the Galaxy Fold at an UNPACKED event on February 11, in San Francisco alongside the flagship Galaxy S20 series. The Galaxy Fold 2 could possibly be a clamshell Foldable smartphone just like the recently unveiled Motorola Razr. It will be interesting to see how that one stacks up.

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