Samsung, the Korean smartphone manufacturer has been primarily focusing on the designs of their devices in the past few years. Now, the company is reportedly gearing up for world's first truly bezel-less phone. Even though many companies have launched near bezel-less phones, Samsung aims to move a step ahead and is reportedly working on a device which will feature a completely curved display that goes all the way to the back of the gadget.

Samsung filed for a patent

As per reports, Samsung has already filed a patent request with the World International Property Office (WIPO) for a 180-degree edge display that curves from all the way to the back of the device. The patent was first spotted by a Dutch technological website named 'Lets Go Digital'. The Dutch website has also posted a conceptual design of the upcoming smartphone, and it looks absolutely stunning in nature.

According to experts, the new truly bezel-less phone will not have any notch, no top, bottom and side bezels. Samsung believes that 180-degree devices will offer a better grip on the phone, and will be also loaded with advanced features like edge gestures and in-display fingerprint sensors.

An exact release date of this bezel-less phone is still unknown, as the company has some already rescheduled smartphone launches for 2018.

Half-folding smartphone to arrive in 2018

It has been also learned that a new smartphone from Samsung which can be folded in half is expected to reach the markets in 2018. The folding device is reportedly named Samsung X, and its front will feature the traditional Samsung look with a home button in between a back button on the right and menu button on the left.

Samsung is also expected to launch S9 with a faster processor in 2018. The company is using its flagship processor, Exynos 9810 in S9.