Samit Max Patel explores the dimensions of product launching with Joopio marketing agency

Samit Max Patel

Samit Max Patel is a young entrepreneur, recognized digital influencer, worldwide speaker, and host having interviewed popular celebrities like Terry Crews, Jay Shetty, and many more. Being completely engrossed in the business world he began his entrepreneurial quest at an early age and proved that age is just a number. After graduating from University, he was forced out of his former business by his partner, and soon a life-threatening incident to one of his family members turned his life complexes and completely changed his perspective.

No matter how difficult the situations were he didn't dare to give up, he chose to look up at stars not down at feet. Eventually, he found the world of Crowdfunding and using product launch strategies to launch new businesses. Since the inception of the agency Samit Max Patel has created more than $ 43millon of revenue.

Samit Max Patel believes sharing knowledge you possess increases in multiple ways in the form of conversations. That's the reason Samit tries to impart his knowledge through an app called " clubhouse". When asked about the key values he learned through his business he says networking is very vital for business growth, he always explains that relationship building with clients and proper interaction is a must.

Time is something that determines your past and your future, but we still do not have it in abundance, which is the most precious thing one possesses on the earth. As an entrepreneur, Samit Max Patel claims that time has been the most expensive resource while, hustling, he could not impart much of his time with family and friends and that's why he thinks it is important not to get too swamped into his work, try to strike a work-life balance even though it can be hard. According to him, personal and professional life progress should be parallel.

When he is asked about things that he wished someone told him before he inaugurated his company. He exclaims that in order to learn how existing businesses run one should work in a job and on the other side develop your own business, according to him everything should be documented to pass on your learning to the next person in the team. Currently, and he is planning to initiate a movement that will inspire school students to follow such an unconventional path and will help them to reach their ultimate goal.