Samantha McGregor Talks About The Key To Successful Email Marketing

Samantha McGregor

The craze for digital marketing is increasing. Businesses are seeing the enormous benefits of employing digital marketing in their business promotion. Even in the vast sea of digital marketing solutions, many companies are still ignorant of what makes a digital marketing strategy and campaign successful.

"Businesses still rely solely on posting articles and pictures and videos on social media. They still believe in the power of social media as the machine that'll help move their business needle forward. While social media marketing is still effective and can help increase sales, many business owners are getting it wrong. They are focusing on what they sell instead of what the people want."

These are the words of email marketing guru, Samantha McGregor. Over the years, Samantha has helped many small eCommerce businesses scale up and increase sales. Samantha uses email marketing strategies that suit her clients' needs.

Samantha believes that where many business owners get it wrong, especially from the ones she has worked with, they focus a lot on what they (the business) offer and not what the customers need.

Whenever she works with a business, she first sits down with the business owner. She tries to understand the company and their customer's journey. After that, she says, she then studies the data to know who the customers are and how they think.

A self-acclaimed data-nerd, Samantha says she never creates and implements an email marketing strategy without a thorough study of data.

"I need to know who they want to serve, the customers that the business is for. When I know the customers well enough, it is easy to design strategies that meet the customers' needs and goals. Without truly knowing the customers, whatever strategy I design and implement would fail."

Customer-centric marketing has always been, but with improved technology and available data, knowing your customers is becoming even more essential for success. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in digital marketing. You must know who you're serving else you'll serve no one in the end.

Samantha McGregor has helped women of color who own eCommerce businesses increase sales and meet bottom lines with her customer-centric marketing. Samantha says that many of these business owners were on the brink of giving up on their business when they found her. She says that she is spurred to help keep the business afloat when she meets these women who have taken the bold decision to run an eCommerce business.

"What most of them don't know," Samantha says, "is that there is no business without buyers. Although social media tends to produce a lot of browsers, that is not the key to unlocking customers' spending power. Knowing who they are, understanding their pain points, and always providing solutions to these pain points is what I do."

"My first task, after I've met with my clients and have understood their business struggles, is to help them become excited again about entrepreneurship. Many of them have lost the drive and enthusiasm they started the business with. So, what I do is remind them why they have started and then go over what they need to do to satisfy their customers; needs."

Although it sounds so simple, knowing who your customers are is the surest way to deliver optimal product satisfaction.