Sales Whisperer: How SubStrata is Guiding Dealmakers


For a long time, sales and data have been intrinsically linked with one another. In today's hyper-competitive business environment, making decisions based on data is an essential component of any successful company plan, whether the goal is to outperform the competition or to boost profitability.

To facilitate this pursuit, dealmakers are the primary target audience for the interpersonal AI technology that SubStrata develops, as the company performs real-time analysis of complicated transaction dynamics and inferred meaning, with a particular emphasis on deciphering emails' subtext (pragmatics) and the nonverbal cues sent during online conference calls. At every given moment, SubStrata seeks to reveal the latent power dynamics between you and your prospect. This way, you can emanate the appropriate degree of authority and expertise to erase your prospect's mental barriers and advance the transaction.

SubStrata assist dealmakers in navigating their way to closed-won status by reflecting on how their prospects view them at any given moment along the sales process, emphasizing perceptions of competence, authority, and domain expertise. Specifically, Substrata's Selling Zone feature assists dealmakers in navigating their way to closed-won status by highlighting how prospects see them at any given time throughout the sales process, focusing on perceptions of competence, authority, and subject experience., another SaaS enterprise, deploys AI to monitor conversations and ultimately offers real-time notifications whenever a competitor's name is brought up, whenever a price issue is raised, and so on. Besides, Gong can tell you which calls are truly connected instead of landing on voicemail, which emails are auto-responders, and which ones are a purchasing indication since it joins calls and reads emails.

Nevertheless, the data-driven and AI-powered Social-Signal-Processing technology developed by SubStrata is intended to significantly outperform existing conversation intelligence platforms dependent on transcripts when it comes to predicting sales success, thereby assisting B2B dealmakers in improving their real-world results in real-time.

Sales data transcends simple numerical representations as it transmits more in-depth information. However, data is susceptible to manipulation and misrepresentation. It is simple for salespeople to cherry-pick positive data while dismissing wrong facts. People might sometimes get so engrossed in the particulars of the data that they lose sight of the overall success or failure. Trained on millions of data points, Substrata's Q "reads between the lines" to determine your prospect's position and guides you through the best subsequent actions to take to increase your chances of winning the deal.

Overall, AI assists businesses in increasing their lead volume, enhancing their closing rate, and raising their overall sales performance since this technology can automate and enhance a significant portion of the sales process. Hence, salespeople can concentrate on what really matters: completing the deal.