Sahara Protocol: Making Waves on the Singapore Scene

Sahara Protocol

No trader in volatile and DeFi assets wants to trade over unsecured lines. So the Sahara team is revolutionizing the industry by introducing security protocols to make your trading experience safer.

The businessmen, women, and others of Singapore are just as vulnerable to spyware and malware as the rest of the world is. Unfortunately, being online and part of a multinational conglomerate does nothing to protect you from the potential costs of hacking. Those who misplace or lose consumer data are in for a shock. Figures suggest that a single data breach can cost large-scale organizations thousands in fines and fees. Worse, once a cyber-attack damages your reputation, there's no recovery. We can all clearly recall the harsh times and treatment around Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.

What is the Sahara Protocol?

Sahara Protocol is the team behind the Sahara project. They aimed to introduce blockchain to the world of asset trading. We have designed the securest computing system known to humanity. We only really use it to produce cryptocurrency. There are many ways we could harness that tech for potential greatness in real-world situations. The Sahara project does precisely that: they created a hyper-private online platform for safe trading of DeFi, volatile, stable, and synthetic assets. They used blockchain technology we must make the systems we trade on less risky and risk reduction is something we can all approve of.

The project was entirely self-funded in the pre-MVP period. The team managed to raise an astonishing $2 million between themselves. All of this is based on a platform that aims to increase security around transactions made online and in the crypto universe. Sahara is the first people to apply the technology in this way and create a hyper-secure online platform safe for traders of volatile assets. Their ground-breaking work will continue to push the boundaries between blockchain and thriving business ecosystems.

Why is Sahara Securer?

The Sahara Protocol runs on blockchain technology. If you know a little about how it works, then you know that blockchain tech requires multiple computers over multiple networks. Each computer links to the next on its server, and each computer is a link in the block of chains that creates the programming code needed to perform the requested task. Mostly, we use this to create a cryptocurrency, which is why crypto mining takes so much power. Blockchain technology is so safe that a hacker would need to break into all the computers at once to steal the crypto token they were all working to create. The processing power required would cost millions.
Sahara uses this same technology to create a secure online platform safe from outside attacks. At every point, once cryptocurrency appears in a transaction, it becomes unsecured. The Sahara platform remedies this situation so that you can trade safely knowing that your currency is secure. The project has the potential to change the industry. Just watch this space.