'Sadist' Russian Troops Attack Civilians in Borodynka; Murders More Horrific Than Bucha Massacre

In yet another saga of war crimes, Russian soldiers have bombed two buildings in Borodynka village of Ukraine, leaving hundreds dead. The fact that there is no military site in Borodynka points toward the intention of Russian troops to kill innocent civilians.

Condemning the act, a faction of social media followers have termed the Russian Troops as, "sadists".

This unending tale of atrocities carried out by Russian soldiers on Ukrainian civilians has had the people questioning their state of mind.

Borodynka massacre by Russian troops

Russians Executed the Plan to Kill Maximum

The video footage being shared on social media reveals that the massacre in Borodynka is even more horrific than the Bucha murders.

The rescue workers pulled out as many as 26 bodies from underneath two destroyed apartment buildings in Borodyanka.

The bodies of the slain civilians were decomposed and emancipated foul stench that gave goosebumps to the rescue workers trying to extract them from wreckages.

More heart-wrenching were the scenes of the family members wailing and waiting for the bodies of their beloved ones to be found.

According to a report carried in Daily Mail, Ukraine's Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova accused Moscow of targeting civilian areas.

'Evidence of the Russian forces' war crimes is at every turn,' she wrote. 'The enemy treacherously shelled residential infrastructure in the evenings, when there was a maximum amount of people home,' Venediktova said.

A large number of followers of social media are demanding to seclude Russia for having violated human rights in every sense of the word. Every country should not only snap off trade ties with Russia but should also boycott the country completely stated the followers.

"Zelensky says situation in Borodyanka is 'significantly more dreadful' than in Bucha. #Borodynka #Zelensky #Ukraine️ #Borodyankamassacre #Dreadful #UkraineWar #Bucha #UkraineRussianWar #WarCrimes #StandUpForUkraine #Russia" read a tweet.

A twitter user expressed, "#russians should not use VPN to go look pictures of cats on Instagram, but to see all the horrible thinks that were commited by their soldiers and in their names in #Bucha and Borodynka. And that's the only thing Instagram should show them."