Sachin Kumar Meena: A Versatile Man with ventures in Digital Marketing to News Portal & Many More

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Sachin Kumar Meena

Sachin Kumar Meena is a modest and simple young man from Delhi, but he is known for his exceptional skills making him set trends in the market. All thanks to his sheer hard work and diligence he has put in his field to emerge as an example for youths in his circle. Although he wanted to be an actor, he did his theatres and even bagged a role in a Bollywood film. However, I was not lucky to push things forward as the film was shelved. Although he did one ad shoot, things didn't drive the way he wanted. Hence he made a shift to his next passion - digital marketing.

During his teens, he loved exploring social media and mastered them soon. This gave him the chance to enter into this new arena and he soon embarked upon his company dealing with Digital Marketing called Ekalyva Media. He focussed his energy on getting good clients not only in India but also embarked upon the global market getting more clients from there. All thanks to his quality work, he has catered in giving away the digital marketing services, he was able to impress one and all. He now has clients in countries like Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and other places.

He has remained a multitasker and has always excelled in his services he has given to his client under digital marketing. He has served many companies and brands while dealing in digital marketing and has given them results in the small amount of time thus building their images in the market and garnering good response in the media. He was able to win more and more clients for his incredible and meticulous services for social media and digital marketing efforts. His digital marketing company is going great guns and this has helped him to embark with few more ventures.

One of his recent developments taking place in his professional life is his news portal called - The Weekly Mail. He has recently embarked with its portal - covering the different kinds of news in the media. These include politics, technology, lifestyle, sports, and the world to name a few. He will be catering news and other content on these heads giving the audience the best. With ample of his digital marketing experience, he will be promoting the portal to turn big. Besides, being catering to digital media, he is also good on social media.

He has been at the forefront when it comes to learning and exploring these platforms on social networking. With his powerful content and other posts, he was able to attract a good number of people over his social media handles. If you check his Instagram handle - @sachin57meena, you are going to catch a huge amount of people on it. These remain his followers and fans, which has made him the social media influencer in the internet world.

In a sense, one can find him a winner in digital marketing where he is seen going great guns on his career. Slowly and steadily, he has embarked on his success ladder and moving fast towards his goal. Apart from trying all these things, he never minds taking a look at his acting pursuit if gets the right opportunity. After all, we can see the passion for acting and the light for it still ignited. But at the moment, he is going stable and smooth.

This article was first published on December 31, 2020