Ryu Jun Yeol reveals secret to fit body

Ryu Jun Yeol has opened up about his daily regime.

South Korean actor Ryu Jun Yeol has opened up about his fit body. The 29-year-old actor credited his healthy lifestyle for the same.

During an interview with MBC's Let's Go Video Travel, he said: "More than looking for and trying various methods, I just tend not to do anything bad [for my body]. So, I don't do commonly talked about things, like smoke or drink alcohol, and I go to bed early and wake up early."

Yeol is currently shooting for the film The King which is set to air in December 2016. He added: "I can't do that as often these days because of my schedule, but yesterday my schedule ended early so I got to sleep and wake up early."

The finale episode of Yeol's romantic comedy drama, Lucky Romance, had aired on 16 July. The webtoon inspired show, starring and actress Hwang Jung Eum, had received a lot of praise from the audience in its two months running course.