Ryu Jun Yeol heartwarming good bye to Hwang Jung Eum and Lucky Romance

Ryu Jun Yeol is he is currently filming for Korean movie, Taxi Driver

Romantic comedy drama, Lucky Romance, left a mark on its viewers with the high voltage finale episode on 16 July. The webtoon inspired show, starring South Korean actor Ryu Jun Yeol and actress Hwang Jung Eum, received quite a lot of love from the audience in its two months running course.

In order to gratify the fans of the popular drama and to bid the final adieu, actor Jun Yeol held a live interaction session on the Facebook. The 29-year-old actor seemed quite emotional and stated that it will take him some time to come out of his character.


Jun Yeol in an interview to Soompi said, "Lucky Romance' has finished now and I just got done with an interview. I'm glad and sad at the same time thinking that I have to let go of Su Ho now. I did so many interviews after being done with 'Reply 1988' that it took me a while to let go of Jung Hwan, but I'm sad that the interview for 'Lucky Romance' is just one take. I hope you guys remember him for a long time."

The Reply 1988 actor also thanked his fans for their unconditional love for Lucky Romance. "I trust that you guys will remember Su Ho and let him go comfortably. If any of you meet me in the streets, don't be afraid to say hi. Please stay happy and thank you so much for loving 'Lucky Romance.' I was able to finish it well thanks to you," Jun Yeol asserted.

Furthermore, the Canola actor added that he is currently filming for a Korean movie called Taxi Driver and will soon be heading off for the tentatively titled film, The King.