Ryan Gosling Emma Stone starrer La La Land wins New York Critics best film award 2016

The dance-musical was also showered with 12 nominations by the critics for upcoming Critics Choice Awards.

La La Land movie
Critics adorn La La Land with best movie award 2016. Pinterest

The New York Film Critics Circle (NYFCC) has chosen the romantic movie La La Land as the best movie of 2016. The movie revolves around a jazz pianist, Ryan Gosling, as he falls for an aspiring actress, Emma Stone, in Los Angeles. The dance-musical was also showered with 12 nominations by the critics for upcoming Critics Choice Awards.

The award winning La La Land is appreciated for its music and how strongly the film's music and songs have backed the story plot. The two central characters (played by Ryan and Emma) are brought together by their desire to follow their dreams. The story plays with the concept of love and dreams and how they impact each other both positively and negatively. Its a story about dreamers chasing their passion until the twists come and the plot changes. The Gosling-Stone chemistry is magical and makes the audience long for their togetherness.

NYFCC,the American Film Critic Organisation, consists of around 30 film critics from various New York-based daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and online publications. The critics group voted on Thursday on its annual film winners.

'Moonlight' and 'Manchester by the Sea' shared the limelight by bagging three awards each. Manchester took the best actor (Casey Affleck), best screenplay (Kenneth Lonergan) and best supporting actress (Michelle Williams), who also was recognised for her work in 'Certain Women'. Moonlight won the awards in the category of best director (Barry Jenkins), best supporting actor (Mahershala Ali) and best cinematography (James Laxton). Isabelle Huppert got the NYFCC's best actress prize, which recognised her work in both the movies 'Elle' and 'Things to Come'.

Critics choice voters also supported director Damien Chazelles' glorious new musical and is up for prizes including the coveted Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress for Emma Stone, Best Actor for Ryan Gosling as well as two separate nominations in the Best Song category. Actor Ryan Gosling also got a pick for the Best Actor in comedy for his effortless acting in the movie 'Nice Guys'.

However, some of the Oscar front runners like Lion, Fences, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, Sully, Jackie and Patriots Day failed to grab the critics' attention.

This article was first published on December 2, 2016