Ryan Carson: Chilling Video Captures Moment Social Activist and Poet Is Stabbed to Death While Waiting at NYC Bus Stop with Girlfriend [WATCH]

The victim's girlfriend can be heard frantically pleading, "Please, please, please!" as she runs up behind them and the attacker chases Carson while brandishing a knife.

A social activist and poet was stabbed to death in New York City while waiting at a bus stop with his girlfriend. A disturbing video has emerged that captures the moment Ryan Carson, 32, was randomly stabbed to death in front of his girlfriend – who desperately tried to get help in the aftermath of the harrowing attack.

Carson, who spent the previous evening with his partner at a wedding was stabbed multiple times in the chest, with the blade piercing his heart, during the unprovoked attack at 4 am near Lafayette Avenue and Malcom X Boulevard in Brooklyn. Police have launched an investigation but no arrests have been made yet.

Killed In Front of His Girlfriend

Ryan Carson
The attacker seen in a scuffle with Ryan Carson before fatally stabbing him X

Carson and can be seen on surveillance footage sitting on a bus stop bench in Bedford-Stuyvesant, engaged in conversation as they were heading home from a wedding on Long Island just before 4 a.m. on Monday.

Dressed in a gray suit, Carson and his girlfriend, donning a blue sleeveless gown, stood up and started walking down the block. They were walking in the same direction as a man in a dark-colored sweatshirt who had recently passed by them at the B38 bus stop.

The man had his hood pulled up over his head and his hands in his pockets. The man then asked, "What the f**k are you looking at?"

The prominent community activist then intervened between his girlfriend and the enraged bystander who was moving closer to the couple after he replied that he wasn't looking at anything.

The psychopath then says, "I'll kill you!" while Carson begs him to "Chill! Chill!" and raises his hand.

Ryan Carson
Ryan Carson seen waiting at the bus stop with his girlfriend as the attacker in a black hoodie is seen approaching him X

The victim's girlfriend can be heard frantically pleading, "Please, please, please!" as she runs up behind them and the attacker chases Carson while brandishing a knife.

As he runs, Carson falls over the bench the couple had been seated on. The attacker then snatches the victim's jacket, throws him to the ground, and viciously stabs him in the chest as the victim's girlfriend follows after them.

The horrified woman extends her hand to stop him as he approaches and turns to walk away as Carson lies curled up on the ground.

Ryan Carson
The attacker seen chasing Ryan Carson before stabbing him X

The attacker then spits on her while still holding the knife, then kicks Carson's lifeless body and runs off.

Random Attack

His girlfriend held him in her arms before he was rushed to Kings County Hospital Center, where Carson later died.

Ryan Carson
Ryan Carson X

"When you get right down to it, all I want is to love Claudia more than she's ever been loved, which is frankly all she's ever deserved," she posted a message she found in his phone a day after.

She added the caption: "I found this note in Ryan's phone. He did, he did, he did."

Ryan Carson was employed as a senior solid waste campaign manager at the New York Public Interest Research Group. He is remembered as a person who consistently endeavored to contribute to the betterment of the world through his work and actions.

NYPIRG called Carson "a beloved staffer, colleague and friend, and a creative, talented, relentless and upbeat advocate for students and the environment," in a statement released after his death.

Ryan Carson
Ryan Carson's lifeless body seen lying on the pavement after the attacker stabbed him while his girlfriend cried for help X

Carson's close friend and roommate, Tom Krantz, 31, told the remarkable impact that Carson had on both the city and his circle of friends. Krantz expressed awe at how much Carson accomplished and contributed to the community.

"He's really like the epicenter of an entire community that he created, that he brought together. I don't think anyone is exaggerating when they say he would give the shirt off his back. He was the guy that bent over backward time and time again to be there with his friends."

New York City Council Member Chi Ossé also said: "I'm horrified to learn of the brutal murder of advocate Ryan Carson in Brooklyn today. This tireless defender of his neighbors was stolen from us. Committed to ending this senseless violence, my heart is with his family."