Russia's Putin Says US Well Ahead of China in Hypersonic Missile Race

Putin downplays China's Military Might, says US is well ahead in Hypersonic Missile Race

Russian President Vladimir Putin is famous for triggering sensation by making sensitive and controversial comments. He has created a new buzz, saying that arch-rival US is well ahead of 'friend' China, as far as Hypersonic Missile Race is concerned. The Russian president made the comment while speaking at the "Russia Calling!" Investment Summit on November 30.

Addressing the Summit, the Russian strongman said: "And, we saw how our American allies reacted to this. However, we do know that the Americans are slightly ahead in the development of hypersonic weapons. They simply don't talk about it, and no one seems to care. Nobody made a fuss when they tested their anti-satellite weapon 10 years ago, and no one is making a fuss now." Referring to his country's recent anti-satellite weapon test that seemingly endangered the International Space Station, he stressed: "When Russia conducted such a test not long ago, it caused quite a stir around the world."

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin
Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin Reuters

President Putin's statement has stunned the Global Community, as Moscow has always shared cordial ties with Beijing. Experts are of the opinion that that he actually wanted to warn the Asian Giant about the US' military might, as the Kremlin does not want an armed conflict between Beijing and Washington DC in the changing global geopolitical scenario. According to foreign policy experts, Putin's comment has made it clear that Russia still considers its Cold War rival as a powerful state.

Experts are of the opinion that the escalating tensions between the West and China have prompted the Russian president to warn Beijing. Putin also expressed serious concern over the formation of the AUKUS Partnership (between Australia, the UK, and the US), stressing that it would try to destabilize Asia and other parts of the globe. "The fact is that this rivalry is growing, and it may be repulsive at times. An example is the formation of the AUKUS Agreement, which comprises the US, the UK, and Australia," he told the audience.

Russia and China relation
Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping

The Russian president also slammed the US for imposing Economic Sanctions on China, saying: "Since 2000, they've been scaring me about China. Those, who had been scaring me, had become scared, and they began to change their policies toward China as a result. It has already changed, resulting in a slew of sanctions and restrictions that are, in my opinion, completely unjustified. I mean, they go against international law norms."

Meanwhile, Putin has admitted that it has become increasingly difficult for Russia to engage in a strategic stability discussion with the US and China due to the growing rivalry between Beijing and Washington DC. "We evaluate our own security and collaborate with our partners in the areas that we believe are vital. For example, we believe it is critical to engage in a strategic stability discussion with the US. We had a similar conversation with the People's Republic of China," he insisted.