Russians Blow up Multiple Gas Pipelines, Target Children's Hospital as 'Deadly' Weapon of Mass Casualties Sighted in Ukraine [Watch]

'Russian occupiers remain consistent in destroying critical infrastructure,' Ukrainian media account EuromaidanPR tweeted.

Russians blew up a gas pipeline in Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine early Sunday, according to Ukrainian media. Footage of the explosion shared by Nexta TV showed a huge mushroom of fire and gases above Kharkiv. The explosion was not the result of a nuclear strike. It is believed to have come from Ballistic missiles, according to Ukrainian media.

Russian troops blew up another oil depot near the capital Kyiv sending poisonous gases into the atmosphere early Sunday morning. The Russian missiles hit the oil depot in Vasylkiv, which is south of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, Mayor Natalia Balasynovych noted. The sky turned orange as a result of the explosion amidst fears of poisonous gases spreading in the air.

A Ukrainian media account called EuromaidanPR noted in a tweet that 'Russian occupiers remain consistent in destroying critical infrastructure.' The oil depot in Vasylkiv was owned by the BRSM company.

Explosion in Vasylkiv
Explosion in Vasylkiv Screen grab - EPA via The Post

'Deadlier Phase of the War'

As Russian troops faced fierce resistance from Ukrainian forces, Russian president Putin appeared ready to deploy thermobaric rocket launchers in the next, deadlier phase of the war. 'Father of all bombs,' thermobaric rocket launchers were reportedly were seen near Belgorod near Russia's border with Ukraine on Saturday afternoon, CNN reported.

What is Thermobaric Rocket Launcher?

The 'Father of all bombs' or the thermobaric rocket launcher can effectively create 'Vaccum bombs' that suck out all oxygen from the area where they are deployed to create a powerful explosion.

Father of All Bombs
Russia's Father of All Bombs Twitter

Russian Artillery Hit a Children's Cancer Hospital

As the war escalated on Saturday, a children's cancer hospital was hit by Russian artillery, according to Ukrainian media. The explosion resulted in the death of one child, while two others were injured in the blast at National Children's Specialized Hospital Okhmadtdyt, Kyiv Independent reported.

According to TSN, two adults also sustained injuries in the blast. Eyewitnesses alleged that multiple fires broke out throughout Kyiv as a result of rocket attacks.

Putin is 'Furious'

On the other hand, Russia president Putin is said to have been 'furious' that the invasion is taking longer than expected because of strong Ukrainian resilience.

"Putin is furious, he thought that the whole war would be easy and everything would be done in 1-4 days," Riho Terras, a member of the European Union Parliament noted, claiming that he was citing Ukrainian intelligence reports.