Russian TV anchor bursts out laughing while reading news about social subsidies

In a video circulating on the internet, a TV presenter from the Russian national television is seen losing her cool and laughing after she starts reporting on the social subsidies

An anchor from Russia's state television has become famous on the internet after she burst out laughing while reading about the increase in government subsidies for underprivileged people in the country. The presenter lost her cool after she read out the increase in the subsidies promised by the government. In the Youtube video that is circulating on the internet, Aleksandra Novikova is seen reading the news and laughing while reading out the figures.

It was reported that the amounts were incredibly small and Novikova lost her control after reading out most of the news. She mentioned her apologies and said that she tried controlling her laughter. She also said that it was a good thing that she was not on the live telecast.

The figures were small and there was not much of a change

Aleksandra Novikova
Aleksandra Novikova YouTube Grab

Info24 published the video even though the news channel did not broadcast it. The report was not broadcasted online or offline but it has garnered a lot of attention. The report was about government subsidies for disabled people, war veterans, victims of radiation exposure, and others. The subsidies apparently weren't enough to be of a notable change or good for the community.

The video is predicted to bring a lot of negative attention to Novikova. Blogger Andrei Yegorov in a post said that the situation could lead to the presenter being fired from her job and asked people not to watch this video and to support her. The video has been already gaining a lot of attention. The blogger also mentioned that the introduction of such benefits can be considered as a mockery of the people.

Several people have been throwing back at the Russian government over the subsidies that they have provided. Some even mocked the government by saying that the government would be laughing at the people while giving out such subsidies.