Russian Tank Catches Fire Near Kyiv After Being Taken Down By Ukrainian Forces (Watch)

A video has emerged on social media showing a burning Russian tank outside Kyiv after being targeted by the Ukrainian forces as the war has entered its 11th day with West's failed efforts to stop Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine forces have claimed to have destroyed over 285 Russian tanks and over 980 armored personnel vehicles. Kyiv also claimed that Russian tanks were burning in the field following its attack, reported the Daily Mail.

Russian tank
Russian tank Screengrab of the video showing Russian tank

Russian Artillery Position Destroyed

A Russian military artillery position near Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine has also been reportedly knocked out by Kyiv's defense, according to Mykolaiv's Governor Vitali Kim.

"One of the columns was withdrawing from Mykolaiv and this is what's left of our 'brothers,' the ones that came to save us," said Kim, referencing Moscow's claims that Ukrainians need saving.

Further, the governor emphasized that the Russian Howitzers that had been shelling them will now be turned back on the Russians.

Russian tank
Russian tank

He later said the Russian Howitzers that had been shelling them will now be turned back on the Russians.

Massive Loss to Russia

On Sunday, Ukraine revealed that over 11,000 Russian troops have been killed since the start of the invasion and Kyiv has destroyed over 44 enemy planes, 48 helicopters, 40 multi-launch rocket systems, 109 artillery pieces and 447 Russian troops cars.

It came as a long Russian military convoy is approaching the Ukrainian capital from north of Kyiv. But the convoy is reportedly approaching at a slower speed due to possible local unrest and military needs.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged the West for further assistance and called on them to take stricter actions against Russia and President Vladimir Putin as the West's avalanches of sanctions have been failed to stop the Russian invasion.

The US in its efforts to stop Putin is also considering imposing a ban on Russian oil and gas exports and it is also in talks with Poland to provide some Polish Mig-29 to Ukraine to help them in the war against Russia.