Russian Soldiers Admit to 'Raping Teen Girl' and 'Eating Dogs' in Ukraine in Intercepted Radio Chat

Horrifying audio clips have emerged showing that Russian troops spoke about raping girls and eating dogs. Audios obtained by Ukraine's Security Service (SSU) reportedly reveal that Russian soldiers were speaking in their languages about their wrongdoings over the radio.

The Ukrainian forces found the clips by intercepting their communications over the phones.

Three Tank Members Raped a Girl

A Russian troop was heard in the first clip saying "We have three tank guys here. They raped a girl." A female's voice emerged in the audio and she asked "who did?"

Russian troops
Russian troops Twitter

The man responded the three tankers and added that the girl was 16-year-old. The female also confirmed to the man that he is talking about "our guys".

Russian Troops Ate Dogs

The man was asked by a male voice in a different clip "are you eating okay at least", to which he responded, "not too bad. We had Alabay (dog) yesterday".

Russian troops have clarified that they are now sick of packed meals and they had earlier eaten their all chicken and the geese.

Russian War Crimes

By intercepting such communications, Ukrainian authorities are collecting pieces of evidence of Russia's war crimes in Ukraine to represent at The International Court of Justice. The conversation among the Russian troops has been published by the SSU and it raises more fears of Russian troops' severe atrocities in Ukraine.

It is not the first time that Russian war crimes are being underlined by the Ukrainian authorities as they have accused Moscow of bombing civilian places, hospitals and shelter homes to press Kyiv to surrender. Putin's Troops had earlier bombed a theatre in Mariupol where over 400 people had taken shelter. They had also bombed a maternity hospital in Zhytomyr earlier this month.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry had said that the maternity home in Zhytomyr was destroyed with Russian calibers. "Maternity home in Zhytomyr destroyed with Russian calibers. If it's not a genocide, what is that?"