Russian Soldier 'Runs Battle Tank Over His Commander' as Resentment Runs High Among Troops

In yet another episode of Russian soldiers expressing resentment against the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a Russian soldier reportedly drove over his colonel with a tank, injuring his legs.

Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsimbalyuk, while narrating the incident on Facebook, stated that the Russian soldier who was behind the wheel of the tank "blamed the commander of the group, Col. Yury Medvedev, for the deaths of his friends."

Russian Soldier Injures Commander

As per the reports carried out in the media, Tsimbalyuk also stated that the particular soldier waited for the right moment, during battle, and he ran over the commander with a tank as he stood next to him, injuring both his legs.

Russian Soldiers Vent Anger Against Putin and Commanders

It is also stated that the incident took place when two groups of Russian soldiers in Makarov, in the Kyiv region, lost at least half of their comrades during heavy battles.

At the same time, an English Daily reported about an intercepted phone call between the Two Russian soldiers wherein they were heard complaining about the Russian quagmire in Ukraine in an intercepted.

"Basically, it's a s—show here, I'll put it that way," a soldier near Mykolaiv, in southern Ukraine, was heard telling his comrade in a recording released by Ukraine's Security Service.

Emphasizing the plight of the Russian a soldier narrated the story of Ukrainian troops tearing apart a column of Russian forces stating that 50 percent of his unit suffered from frostbite to the feet. "But they don't plan to treat them in the field hospital," said the Russian soldier.

Social media followers have taken to various platforms condemning Vladimir Putin and his commanders.

A Twitter user wrote, "Russian soldier reportedly runs over his commander with tank in protest via @YouTubeWhen Russian troops aren't turning tail and running they are driving over their commanders with tanks. Angry with Putin and officers over death of their comrades."

A user expressed his resentment against Putin stating, "Russian soldier reportedly runs over commander with tank in protest #SmartNews ...Russian forces must realize Putin plans for them to die.

"One month in and they're already 'fragging' their officers. That does not bode well for the stability of the country, let alone a functional military. Russian soldier reportedly runs over his commander with tank in protest via @YouTube", wrote a Twitter user.

Another user shared, "Nothing like a good fragging! @Rogozin#ukraine #PutinWarCriminal Russian soldier reportedly runs over commander with tank in protest."