Russian scientist believes that humans may kill aliens to survive in future


Alexander Berezin, renowned Russian theoretical physicist has sensationally predicted that humans are the real bad guys in the Universe who could even destroy alien life to expand our civilization.

The scientist who works at Russia's National University of Electronic Technology Research recently published an article claiming that he has found an ultimate solution to the Fermi's paradox. Fermi's paradox asks the billion dollar question that if the universe is so vast and expanding all the time, then why humans haven't discovered alien life.

Alexander Berezin argues that humans have not found aliens just because ET or extraterrestrials do not have the intelligence like humans and it might be the reason behind the communication gap between these two entities. However, the study was published in the ArXiv digital archive.

Berezin makes it clear that humans will not indulge in this destruction process due to anger or grudge, but it is the natural system of survival. He calls it Darwin's concept of 'survival of the fittest' taken into outer space.

"They simply will not realize, in the same way, that a construction team demolishes an anthill to build a property because it has no incentives to protect it. The only explanation is the invocation of the anthropic principle, we are the first to reach the interstellar stage and, most likely, we will be the last to leave," said Berezin.

This is not the first time that an expert is talking about the vitality of colonizing distant planets to protect our species. Legendary late physicist Stephen Hawking had several times urged space agencies like NASA to develop technologies to take humans to other planets, so that they can continue the growth of our species there if the earth becomes inhabitable.

This article was first published on May 31, 2018