Russian Missiles Strike Target Near Ukraine's Lviv Airport Close to NATO Border

Ukraine's Lviv Airport near the NATO border was shelled by Russia in the early morning strikes on Friday. Videos of the incident show horrible scenes from the attack site.

Russia's aerial bombardment hit an aircraft repair facility of Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport, which sits 43 miles east of the Polish border.

Lviv airport attack
Screengrab from a video which shows attack at Lviv airport Twitter

Two Massive Fireballs Erupted Near Lviv Airport

Two massive fireballs were seen erupting from the airport, but currently, it is unclear how many missiles had hit the site.

Lviv has been a safer place to internally displaced people amid the Russian invasion. The city is nearly 3 miles away from the airport, where Russian missiles hit a building.

Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant building is now destroyed but as of now there is no human casualties yet. The facility is very close to the Lviv airport, which is not damaged in the attack.

Russia Launched Six Cruise Missiles at Lviv Airport

Russia launched six cruise missiles at Lviv airport and two of those were destroyed by Kyiv, according to the Ukrainian air force.

They also conveyed that these were possibly Russia's Kh-555 missiles which were launched from the Black Sea.

Officials in Ukraine have urged people to not share the images of the attacked sites as it may help Russia for the next possible attacks.

Local residents have said that they awoke from the sound of the blast and heard three massive explosions.

It came as last week Russia targeted west Lviv's military base with cruise missiles and killed nearly 35 people and injured over 130 in the attack.

Lviv is nearly 45 miles away from Poland -- a NATO member state -- and was considered to be a safe place since the Russian invasion began due to its proximity to a NATO member country.

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