Russian Missiles Hit Kyiv; Moscow Says Ukrainian Tank Fleet Taken Down as Putin Issues Fresh Warning

As Russian forces continue in their efforts to capture ground in Eastern Europe, the Ukrainian Capital Kyiv was struck by missiles on Sunday morning. This was the first attack on Kyiv after the Russian troops had diverted their attention to the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine.

Fortunately, no casualties were reported immediately and only one person had to be hospitalized with injuries, Kyiv mayor Vitaly Klitschko announced on Telegram. The missiles hit 'unspecified infrastructural targets near the railways' in the districts of Darnytski and Dniprovski.

The emergency services had also arrived on the scene, as air raid sirens went off when the blasts occurred, Klitschko added later.

Kyiv attack

According to the Daily Mail, the Ukrainian air force retaliated by targeting and successfully destroying a missile at 6 a.m. They had identified that the long-range missiles were launched by the Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers in the Caspian Sea region, which is only 850 miles from the centre of Kyiv.

Russia's Defence Ministry said it had been targeting the railway carriage repair building where tanks and armored vehicles supplied to Ukraine by the European countries were kept.

"High-precision, long-range missiles fired by the Russian Aerospace Forces on the outskirts of Kyiv destroyed T-72 tanks supplied by eastern European countries and other armoured vehicles that were in hangars," Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said after the attack.

Kyiv attack

As per Russian news agencies, Vladimir Putin warned that if the West continues to supply arms and other military equipment to Kyiv, emphasizing on long-range missiles deliveries, more rocket attacks will follow. "We will draw the appropriate conclusions and use our arms.... to strike targets we haven't hit before," Putin threatened.

This missile attack was a shock for Kyiv residents as in the past few weeks the city had been attack-free. The last incident occurred nearly a month ago on April 28 when UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres visited the Ukrainian Capital.