Russian man shoots 5 of his neighbours dead for talking too loudly

The incident took place amid the strict lock-down in the country to curb the spread of novel coronavirus

A man in his early 30s, from western Russia's Ryazan region, shot dead five of his neighbours, as he was miffed by them talking loudly under his window. The incident comes at a time when large parts of the country are placed under strict lock-down due to the spread of novel coronavirus. As on Monday (April 6), the country has witnessed 5,389 Covid-19 cases, along with 45 fatalities, according to Worldmeter's tally.

Man kills five neighbours for talking too loudly

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The 32-year old man killed five of his neighbors -- four men and a woman -- as he was miffed by them talking too loudly, DW cited the investigators as saying. The incident took place on Saturday (April 4) at around 10:00 p.m. [Local Time], in the small town of Yelatma, situated 200 km south-east of the capital Moscow. The town was under a lock-down over coronavirus pandemic.

The man used a hunting rifle to kill his neighbors, investigators revealed on Sunday. "They all died of their injuries on the spot", the Investigative Committee said in a statement.

According to reports, the man first complained to his neighbours, from his balcony, about the noise. The exchange soon escalated and the argument led to the man gunning down his neighbours, with his hunting rifle.

The man, whose identity hasn't been revealed, was arrested near his house and is being investigated. His apartment was searched and the murder weapon -- a registered hunting rifle -- was seized.

A case has been registered against him, according to Russia's TASS news agency and as per the Russian law, the man if convicted, could face life imprisonment for killing two or more people. According to reports, the authorities are planning to schedule a psychiatric examination as the man wasn't involved in any unlawful activity prior to this incident.

Igor Grekov, deputy governor of the Ryazan region, traveled to the crime scene on Sunday. And governor Nikolay Lyubimov is closely following the investigation.