Russian Dad Called a 'Hero' for Killing a Paedophile Friend Who Raped His Daughter

A Russian man who murdered his friend, after allegedly seeing video of his daughter being raped by the victim, has garnered a lot of support from the locals and is being called a 'hero'.

The father, identified as Vyacheslav M, 34, was held after the body of his friend Oleg Sviridov, 32, was found in woodland near the village of Vintai in Samara on Thursday, September 2.

Sviridov Allegedly Raped His Friend's Eight-Year-Old Daughter

The two men were drinking together after work and eventually fell asleep, before Vyacheslav woke up and began scrolling through the Sviridov's phone. He saw a horrifying footage of Sviridov forcing his daughter to perform a sex act. He immediately confronted Sviridov, who ran away before he could act, the Australian news site reported Saturday.

Russian dad killed his friend
Sviridov (left) and Vyacheslav (right) were friends and Vyacheslav killed his friend who allegedly raped his daughter Twitter

Father Found Sviridov Before the Local Police Force and Stabbed Him to Death

Vyacheslav is said to have gone after Sviridov again the following day, after finding out he was accused of raping someone else's daughter in the same village, according to Metro. Police launched a manhunt for Sviridov but the furious father found him first and allegedly stabbed him to death. Vyacheslav later handed himself in to police.

Vyacheslav told police that Sviridov had 'stumbled on the knife during a quarrel' in a forest near the village, purporting that he had not intentionally murdered him with the blade, reported the Daily Mail.

Sviridov Had Often Been a Babysitter for Vyacheslav's Children

Sviridov had been a babysitter for the girl on numerous occasions and allegedly sexually abused her multiple times.

Sviridov's mother said, "I don't know how it got to this."

"He must have been drunk. Most likely he was drunk. They left their children with him all the time.

"When he babysat these girls he came back home as normal, in a good mood."

Sviridov Abused Local Kids for Years

Police sources said that the deceased man's phone contained other sickening videos which showed violent rapes of other village girls, aged 6 and 11, reported the Daily Mail. They are said to include sex attacks on other young girls dating back five years.

Enormous Support from Locals and Social Media

Villagers and social media users said Vyacheslav should not be charged with murder. Prominent TV journalist and former Russian presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak told her followers: 'All parents are standing up for the paedophile's killer.'

One internet user said: "Convicting this man and sending him to prison would only further victimize his daughter. It would cause feelings of shame, guilt and loss. I think this is a crime of passion."

Another wrote, "Practically Every Father in the world will understand what watching a video like that would do to you. #Unimaginable"

One user twitted: "99% of dads on here would have done the same, 1% watching how to get away with murder first." Another said, "Should get a medal. Well done !!"

One comment read, "In America they would arrest the father and parade him in court so the lawyers can have a field day building their career on the killing."