Russian Coronavirus Vaccine Will Give Immunity to COVID-19 Patients for 2 Years, Claims Developer

Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine is very much effective and also safe

As the world continues to struggle to tackle the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, scientists and researchers are working at war-like speed to find a vaccine to fight the disease. Russia registered its own vaccine Sputnik V on August 11 and claimed it to be very much effective against the disease.

The European nation claimed it to be the first vaccine to be produced to fight the deadly virus as Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that the vaccine is very much effective and also safe for use. Putin also mentioned that one of his daughters had two shots of the vaccine and she was fine.

Protective Properties of Russia Vaccine to be Intact for 2 Years?

Russia Coronavirus Vaccine
Russia Coronavirus Vaccine YouTube Grab/Sputnik

The news of the vaccine comes amidst the skepticism regarding it around the world as most of the experts believe that the speed at which the vaccine was prepared was not right. Thus, it might not be safe as all the phases of trials did not take place properly.

But, on the other hand, the scientists from Russia claimed it to be perfect, Moreover, they claimed that the protective properties of the vaccine against the coronavirus will be intact for a minimum of two years. This claim was made by Alexander Gintsburg, the Director of the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Healthcare Ministry, as reported by the TASS.

"Effective period of the vaccine, its protective properties will last not during a short term, half a year - one year but for at least two years," the director mentioned in an interview on the 60 minutes show on Russia-1 TV channel.

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times as many vaccine candidates are currently undergoing trials. Most of the researchers are expecting an effective vaccine by the first quarter of 2021. However, Russia is going to start the mass vaccination program in October and other countries are also going to test the efficiency of the vaccine before using it for vaccination.

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