Russian archaeologists startled to find 2100-year-old 'iPhone' in ancient woman's grave

Or is it a chastity belt?

'iPhone' found inside ancient grave
'iPhone' found inside ancient grave @siberian_times/ Twitter

A team included Russian archaeologists unexpectedly found a 2,137-year-old artefact, which looks like and fits into a hand like an iPhone or any modern smartphone from a mysterious burial site commonly known as 'the Russian Atlantis,' as it is located at the bottom of the Sayan Sea.

Researchers who were involved in this excavation project found this 18 cm by 9 cm artefact inside a woman's grave. Further analysis of the artefact revealed that the possible ancient gadget is crafted from dark-grey gemstone and has colourful semiprecious stones and Chinese wuzhu coins as decorations.

After this discovery, the archaeologists named this ancient fashionista as Natasha, who was found after a man-made reservoir in Siberia was drained out in the summer. But as per The Siberian Times this burial site is usually up to 56ft underwater.

However, the archaeologists started to call this artefact "an iPhone" in a variant of its own but with feasibility for use as a buckle of a belt, perhaps a distorted version of chastity belt.

Archaeologist Pavel Leus said that the burial of the ancient woman "with a Hunnu-era (Xiongnu) 'iPhone', remains one of the most interesting at this site." He also mentioned that this artefact was the only belt "decorated with Chinese wuzhu coins which helped us to date it."

This ancient gadget that looks like an artefact is one of the many exciting finds made by the archaeologists at the Ala-Tey necropolis in Russia's Republic of Tuva. Earlier archaeologists have found a well-preserved mummy, named as 'sleeping beauty' which is possibly a 'Hun woman', from the shore of the giant reservoir on the Yenisei River upstream of Sayano-Shushenskaya dam, in Russia's Khakassia, near Sayanogorsk.

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