Russian Airstrike Hits Radioactive Disposal Site Near Kyiv; Radiation Detector Destroyed

Russian airstrikes have hit a radioactive disposal site near Kyiv, destroying the facility's radiation detector as Putin's forces continued their advance on the third consecutive day. But there is no immediate danger to locals.

The State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine in Kyiv, which stores nuclear waste, became the target of the Russian attack.

But a preliminary assessment showed there was no threat of radioactive exposure to people outside the immediate vicinity.

Damages at the nuclear plant in Chernobyl
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No Threat of Radioactive Exposure

However, a further examination is yet to take place when the area is made safe.

The shelling on a radioactive waste disposal site in Kyiv did not lead to depressurization of the storage of radioactive substances, clarified Ukraine's emergency services, stressing that the hit was on the fence and the building itself and the tanks remain intact.

It came as a result of the mass bombing of Kyiv with all types of anti-aircraft and missile weapons available to the Russian Federation, the missiles that hit the radioactive waste disposal site of the Kyiv Branch of the State Specialized enterprise 'Radon', reported the Daily Mail.

Putin Infuriated over Progress of Russian Troops

The incident takes place as reports emerged that Putin was infuriated with the progress of Russian troops against their Ukraine offensive.

Putin Coughing
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Meanwhile, an oil depot had been blown up at Vasylkiv Air Basenearly 40 kilometers southwest of Kyiv and close to a key airport. Also, a gas pipeline in Ukraine Kharkiv was blown up as a result of Russia's attack.

Officials have urged the people residing in Kyiv to keep their windows closed to let them be protected from potentially harmful fumes released following the explosions.

Experts expect that Moscow would speed up its attack against the Ukrainian infrastructure. However, so far, the Russian troops have been met with far greater resistance than Moscow expected.

Map of Ukraine
Map of Ukraine Reuters

Putin is believed to be angered as locals have not capitulated to Russian troops as he calculated.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk is also believed to anger Putin after he expected a plea from Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine's vice prime minister, to switch on his Starlink satellites over the country, a move which will allow Ukrainians to be able to use the internet if Moscow destroys their telecommunications network.

With the effort, Ukraine aims to push back Moscow's lies and propaganda of Russia during Putin's ongoing invasion.